Student Health Survey 2018

Dear students of SSE, let’s be serious for once since this is a serious subject. We, the group in charge of student health at SSE, have designed a survey with the sole purpose of investigating the mental health of all SSE students and evaluate what the Social Committee, SASSE and SSE can do to help.


The Social Committee has as its mission to improve the wellbeing among all SSE students and this survey is a very important step towards achieving that goal. We need YOUR opinions in order to be able to affect how the school works in regards to student health.


This is an opportunity to really make a mark on the guidelines that define how SSE operates. Through this survey you can all make a positive change in the way the school views and operates in regards to student health and the in general student life at SSE.


We are therefore asking you to help us help you.

If you have any questions about the survey or any feedback to give, please email


Link to survey:


Love, The Social Master


Legal Advisor

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