SASSE Highlights

There has been alot going in in SASSE the last period! Here are some of our highlights!

  • How To AI → TechU invited members to have a lecture on how to optimize AI in your everyday life
  • Pressläppet → The NU board released a record breaking amount of exciting company events for the upcoming year!
  • Friedmans Spring Concert → Friedmans had their last concert for the semester and said goodbye to their beloved conductor of ten years
  • Cheer in Lund → The Cheer team went to Lund for their annual Crown Cup! 
  • Derby de Económico → SASSE won against F.E.S.T from Stockholm University in the football match!
  • Tenta-P Activities → The SASSE board arranged lunch activities to relax during the past exam period!
  • Summer Party → PU arranged the party of the year in the atrium with special guests such as Greekazo and Soppgirobygget!
  • Yoga Initiative → The yoga initiative entered the atrium – giving our members a relaxing morning to kick of the exam period!
  • Minimax Release → Minimax released their new issue “Homage”!
  • SASSE Board at SU & Uppsala → The SASSE board visited our friends at Stockholm University & Uppsala University!
  • Exchange goodbye event → INTU held an event to say goodbye to our exchange students 


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