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Student life at SSE

Being an SSE student entails more than just studies – student life is a major aspect too. The Student Association at the Stockholm School of Economics (SASSE) is an independent non-profit organisation open to all SSE students that choose to become members by paying a membership fee. It is entirely student-run and led by the SASSE Board, composed of SSE students.

The Kåridor (corridor) is the heart of SASSE and is located at the basement of Sveavägen 65, occupying the bottom floor of the main university building. Here, you will find each committee and some projects with their own room, a student Pub and our club, the Rotunda. On any regular day the Kåridor is a bustling centre for student activity. Whether that be studying, running around for your latest SASSE Project or partying in the Rotunda.

At SASSE you will find something for you!

The operations of the Student Association revolve around three pillars of student opportunities.

  • Professional opportunities

    • Career Fairs
    • Company events
    • Lunch lectures
    • Career opportunities

    We work hard to generate professional opportunities for our fellow students through company events, lunch lectures and two large annual career fairs. SASSE aims to give students the opportunity to practise relevant skills and gain insight into potential career opportunities. 

  • Social Opportunities

    • Parties
    • Pubs
    • Banquets
    • Fika
    • Committee engagement
    • Weekly sports practices
    • Mental wellbeing

    Most of SASSEs activities, are social ranging from sports practices, events, banquets and parties with different themes and purposes. The associations and it’s committees and projects all have a social elements by nature and is one of the most valuable aspects of student life here.

  • Educational Opportunities

    • Student representatives
    • Feedback sessions
    • Exam Fika
    • Peer tutoring sessions

    The association is tasked with representing student opinion in various academic and decision making forums at SSE. In addition to this, we conduct student-led educational monitoring and surveillance as well as support student in their studies.

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