Q&A about recruitment


Q/ How do I apply to a role?

A/ To start with, you need to become a member. Pay your membership fee in the SASSE reception. Then you will find all open recruitments on sasse.se/recruitment or on linktr.ee/sasseofficial. This year every committee and project does it a bit differently, however, most use a google forms to apply. 


Q/ How many roles can I apply to?

A/ How many you want to! Our motto is “Apply for everything – regret nothing” so apply to everything that sounds fun to you. 


Q/ Do I need any previous experience for any roles?

A/ No! We learn togheter <3


Q/ Do I need to speak Swedish for any roles?

A/ In general – no! English is the official SASSE language. However, there are a few roles where Swedish proficiency is needed, but then it is clearly stated.



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