Information regarding your SASSE Membership fee

Hello everyone!

As you all probably know there has been an issue with paying the sasse membership fee on the website which is not yet solved.  

If it seems like your payment has gone through on the website, this is incorrect and no money has been drawn from your account. You will therefore need to come down to pay again to continue your sasse membership. 

To pay your fee it is very important that you first go to and set up an account. You will not be able to pay until you have made your account so do that before you go down to the basement to pay. 

You set up your account by following these steps:

    1.    Go to

    2.    Chose “Log in”and “Students at SEE”

    3.    Log in using your student email and password 

    4.    Fill in all information marked with a red *

    5.    Choose “Create Account”

If you do not have a Swedish personal number you follow these steps:

    1.    Go to

    2.    Chose “Log in”and “Students at SEE”

    3.    Log in using your student email and password 

    4.    Fill in all the information marked with a red *

    5.    Klick in the square that says “I do not have a Swedish Personal Number”

    6.    Instead of the Swedish personal number you will fill in a mock number that follows this format: YYYYMMDDMXXX. The last four numbers will begin with the capital letter M followed by the last 3 digits of your enrollment number. So if you where born 1999-05-17 and has the student enrollment number 24829 you will fill in following: 19990517M829

    7.    Choose “Create Account”

Very important that you fill in all information that is marked with a red little star (looks like this *) otherwise it won’t work. If an information bar does not have that little red star you do not need to fill it in. 

Once you have done all these steps and have an account, you can on Thursday between 9-16 go down to the reception and the Treasurers office to pay the membership fee and also the sport fee if you want to. 

The prices are the following 

Membership fee : 300SEK 

Sports fee: 149SEK

Membership fee PhD students: 150SEK

So sorry for all the inconvenience with this issue but we hope that we can fix it for you now! 

// SASSE board and reception

Legal Advisor

CRM Partners