Are you planning on applying for exchange term fall 2021? Application for SASSE Exchange Merits is now open!


You can find information on how the applicationprocess for the exchnage looks like on the SSE Portal here: Note that you also APPLY for you exchange merits thorugh a qualtrics link you find there as well. Click on the exchange you want to do (i.e. BC fall exchange or RM fall exchange). If you then scroll down to the text called “c) SASSE Involvement”, you find information about how the merits are distributed as well as the qualtrics link. (you can also find it here:


IMPORTANT INFORMATION! The deadline to apply for SASSE Exchange Merits is Friday, 08 January 2021 at 23:59. Please note that this is earlier than the deadline for applying for the BSc Student Exchange Programme Autumn 2021.


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