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The Social Committee (SU) is a platform for creativity, festivities and initiatives in a variety of different interests – we make room for all kinds of projects and engagements. Simply put, if you want to do something you are passionate about, SU is the place to do it. SU consists of four different branches (or mästerier as we call it): “Kulturmästeriet” (Cultural Branch), “Festmästeriet” (Festivity Branch), “Socialmästeriet” (Social Branch), “Studentmästeriet” (Student Branch) and “Vicemästeriet” (Vice General Branch). We also have other projects such as the Introduction Weeks and the Master Club. Within these branches you find the possibilities and projects for you to either engage in or simply take part of. SU offers everything from casual pubs, wine-tastings and opera visits, to ugly banquets, parties and nights you will never forget such as the magical Hwett & Etiquette banquet in the fall.

SU wants to make sure that there exists a social outlet for all your interests, hobbies, and needs to socialize and have fun. So, if you want to experience the less serious part of studying, SU is a perfect match for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need support for Student Health, who can I reach out to?

    We cooperate with various student health services such as – Stockholm Student Health Services (SSHS), who offer free medical and physiological consulting as well as classes about stress. If you ever have a
    question regarding student health, big or small, do not hesitate to contact us at or to

  • I want to start a new project within SASSE and need some extra assistance, how do I do?

    The Social Committee has a budget that allows students to pursue pretty much everything that they
    want, all with the guidance of SU to ensure that you can focus on hosting a fun event, initiative or trip. We have had all types of gurus; F1-gurus, Hotdog-tasting-guru, abstract-art-in-berlin-guru and even DJ
    gurus through SASSE Skivgarde. Reach out to and we will help you further.

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