The Social Branch – Socialmästeriet

The Social Branch is in charge of ensuring that your time at SSE will be more enjoyable and social, despite stressful study periods. They are available to answer any questions regarding the everyday life at SSE, and offer advice and chats during exam periods. Students can take part in their activities, such as fikas, calming yoga lessons and more throughout the year.

The Social Committee also works with questions regarding mental and physical health. If you, during your time at SSE, feel stressed or down, we are here for you! We cooperate with various

student health services such as – Stockholm Student Health Services (SSHS), who offer free

medical and physiological consulting as well as classesz about stress. If you ever have a question regarding student health, big or small, do not hesitate to contact us at

Contact info:

Project group: Harald Henriksson, Saga Bolmgren & Christian Lilja

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