How to Attend a Banquet

Hwett & Etiquette

During your time at SSE you will have the opportunity to engage in numerous festivities and celebrations. Therefore, it is essential that you know all the tricks to becoming a truly well-mannered banquet guest! 

Be on time

It is essential to be on time, when you are expected to be at the party is communicated in the invitation. However, there are some unwritten rules on how to interpret the said time. If it is stated that the banquet starts at 18:00 then it means that you should arrive by this time, or within the so-called “academic quarter” (18:00 + 15 minutes). 

Table placement

At banquets, there is usually a table placement; every “bordskavalj” has a “bordsdam” seated to the right. If possible, find your bordsdam before you take a seat and walk her to the table. Please help her to her seat by pulling out her chair. Should she get up during the dinner, you get up as well. When she returns, you stand up and pull out her chair again. Ask your “bordsdam” for the first dance once the dinner is over.

Table manners

When being served multiple dishes, you will have several sets of cutleries to choose from. The main rule is to “eat inwards”. Thus, begin with the cutlery furthest away from the plate. Furthermore, be respectful towards people on stage. No eating or talking during the speeches.

How to “Skåla” (Cheers)

The “bordsdam” first looks to her left, then to her right and then straight ahead before taking a sip, then she repeats this action the opposite order (right then left) before setting down her glass. The “bordskavaljer” does the same, except he starts by looking to his right.

Dress codes

White Tie / Högtidsdräkt

The most formal of all dress codes is White Tie (Högtidsdräkt in Swedish). This is the dress code for example the graduation ceremonies and the Student Nobel Nightcap. For white tie occasion a formal floor-length evening gown, no exceptions, is worn together with jewellery, closed toe heels, and an elegant clutch. One can also choose to wear a black tailcoat with a white bow tie or “folkdräkt”/ “civil mässdräkt”.

Black Tie / Smoking

Apart from white tie attire, black tie is the most formal of all dress codes. This is the dress code that is generally followed during formal banquets at SSE. For black tie occasions one can wear a tuxedo with a black bow tie and dress shoes or a dress of full-lenght or knee-length – but no shorter, together with heels.


Cocktail attire traditionally entails wearing a black, dark grey or dark blue suit, a white shirt and a tie or bow-tie. Alternatively, you can wear a knee long dress, the skirt length is not allowed to be maxi. Jumpsuits, pantsuits, and blazers are also appropriate attire.

Singing at Banquets

SASSE has a long standing tradition of singing. Every banquet starts with the traditional “Handelslov”. It is of high importance not to drink or start eating your food before this song has been sung. Make sure to bring your songbook with you. You will receive this book when you start as a Småtting.

Because of over 100 years of traditions, most of the songs are in Swedish. However, you do not need to know the lyrics perfectly – just sing along to the best of your abilities and make a “SKÅL” (cheers) with your table once the song is over!

Regular Questions

  • How many banquets are during a year?

    There are several formal banquets during a year! Some years there are even more banquets planned! (Look out for SASSE’s 115th celebration ball)


    • How To Attend a Banquet-Banquet
    • Master Final Banquet


    • Women’s Finance Day Banquet


    • Hwett and Etiquette
    • The Gasque


    • Bachelor Diploma Ball
    • M2 Banquet


    • Sports & Business Banquet
    • Handelsdagarna Banquet
    • The Anniversary Feast


    • Master Diploma Ball
    • Future of Food Banquet
  • What is an Ugly Banquet?

    SASSE’s “Ugly Banquets” are less formal banquets usually held in the Rotunda – our very own nightclub!


    • Småtting Parent Banquet
    • Studio 54


    • Sprit och Sång


    • Octoberfest


    • Thanksgiving
    • Mårten Gås


    • Battle of the Nations

    There are many more “internal” ugly banquets during a year! Make sure to join a committee or project in order to experience them!

  • Do I need to drink alcohol to join?

    Of course not! Alcohol free alternatives are always available.

    If you ever feel uncomfortable please reach out to a member of the SASSE board, wearing medals or purple overalls, or a member of the entertainment committee in red overalls.

  • Where are the banquets?

    When at SSE, the banquets are either in the Grand Hall on Holländargatan 32 or in the Atrium at Sveavägen 65. Sometimes banquets are at external locations!

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