SASSE Spring Election!

Information on the SASSE Spring Election


Post descriptions


The following posts are:


  • 2x Ordinary Council Members
  • 4x Board of Directors
  • 1x Chair of Council



See attached file for detailed post descriptions.


Information that can be useful for the candidates:


  • Nomination period deadline: 23:59 May 6th. Send in your candidacy to before 23:59 Tuesday May 8th.
  • Candidacy period starts after lunch event the Election Committee will hold the 9th of May, and the candidacy period ends 23:59 Thursday May 15th. All candidates are allowed to hang their posters in the Kåridor. However, respect other candidates and don’t hang your poster on top of another candidate’s. Furthermore, there are a few boards in the Kåridor which are reserved for company events and thus not available for you to hang your posters on.
  • During the candidacy period, we will interview candidates running for Chair of Council and Board of Directors, but not ordinary Council Members. These videos will be published on the Election Committee’s social media for SASSE members to watch.
  • Voting will be open during the entire candidacy period, from May 9th to May 15th. All SASSE members will receive a personal link to their school mail where they can vote. The voting link closes at 23:59 May 15th.
  • On Friday May 12th between 12-13 the Election Committee will host a mingle in the pub with all candidates. This is an excellent chance for SASSE members to come and have a chat with the candidates before they make up their mind regarding who to vote for. Please encourage your friends to attend. Furthermore, coffee will be served and there will be a competition for all students to take part in. Nice prices are promised.
  • On Thursday May 17th, the annual meeting takes place at around 15:00. At this meeting the winning candidates will be announced. Afterwards we will hold a pub, celebrating the newly elected.
  • We strongly advise all candidates to read the Election Regulations attached at the bottom of this post.



If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact


If you have any specific questions regarding a certain position you can contact the person who currently holds the position.


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