This time, the SASSE Rose goes to Ethan O’Leary and Folke Bruno – Project Leaders of the school newspaper MINIMAX!

Since they entered their positions in May, they have put tons of planning and designing to finally (!!!) move MINIMAX online! Moving the paper has been a discussion that has been held every year for probably the last 10 years but nothing has ever been done. But these amazing people took on the challenge and during the summer created our fantastic page! They have really raised the bar for this years MINIMAX with their ideas and visions, and we are looking forward to seeing you, and your newly recruited project group do amazing things this year!

Thank you for all the work that you two have put in and for bringing MINIMAX into the 21st century! And if any of you fellow members have not visited the website yet, make sure to check it out and see their amazing work!

Legal Advisor

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