This year, there will be a new position to candidate for in the elections. Election Committee President.


This is part of the restructuring made by the student association council this fall, and it will make the Election Committee a full-year committee similar to that of a regular board committee. The Election Committee President together with his or her Committee will be responsible for arranging to elections, one in the spring and one in the autumn. They will interview candidates, create debates, arange parties and events associated with the elections, possibly go on trips to see how other student organisations arrange their elections and much more fun. The sky is the limit!


The Committee and its president will work independently of the student association board, and only report to the student council.


Should you have any questions regarding the position and what opportunities it entails, please come to the mingle tonight (11/11) or contact us in the Board of Directors on any of the following channels:


Rebecca Aflaki – responsible for Economy (


Jesper Björkman – responsible for Governance (


Max Bromée – responsible for Education (


You may also reach us at +46 (0) 703 79 89 05 (Jesper)


This is probably the most important position within the student association, so make sure to apply!!!


Happy Elections!


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