New invoice address

In order to simplify SASSE’s processing of invoices from suppliers, we have contracted an external company to process and scan all our incoming invoices. This will greatly ease the administrative burden at the SASSE reception since we will no longer have to do this manually.


Consequently, going forward all invoices will need to be sent directly to our scanning company. This means that SASSE has a new invoicing address:


  • Preferably, send invoices in PDF format to either or (both work equally well). Receiving invoices via e-mail is financially beneficial for SASSE and also friendly to the environment.
  • If invoices cannot be sent via email, invoices should be sent to the following address:




c/o Erip AB_LP129

Box 117

721 05 Västerås


If you order something that is to be invoiced to SASSE, kindly ensure that the supplier you use is aware of our new invoicing details and sends the invoice to the correct address.




Also, all invoices that we receive must be clearly marked with a reference stating the name of the person put in the order but also the committee and project. Otherwise the invoice will not be paid as we cannot decide which committee that should take the cost. Independent projects that do not belong under a certain committee (Friedmans Apostlar, HD, Spexet/The Farce & FUM) should state the project name instead of the committee.


For example, if your name is Eunucka Enoksdotter, and you are ordering something for the master introduction, please ask the supplier to put in the reference “SU, Master Introduction, Eunucka Enoksdotter”. Or if your name is Maria Bergsten and you are ordering something for Focus CSR, ask that the reference be put as “IntU, Focus CSR, Maria Bergsten”.


This will simplify our processing of invoices as it will be unmistakable which committee and project should bear the cost, and how the cost should be booked.




For any questions or inquiries, please contact Treasurer Nicklas Kövamees at


Legal Advisor

CRM Partners