Lars Fredricsson Foundation Fall 2022

About the Lars Fredricsson foundation:

The Lars Fredricsson Foundation is aimed at future entrepreneurs and craftsmen. The purpose of the foundation is to support talented and determined young people, who have shown an interest in entrepreneurship and need funding for further training to realize their ideas. The Studnet Association at the Stockholm School of Economics, in collaboration with the Academy of Arts and Crafts, is responsible for managing the foundation according to current regulations. The scholarship is SEK 30,000/scholarship. 


Project Plan

To apply for the scholarship, you must draw up a project plan and it must contain:

What further education do you need Support/need for

Description of the business idea

Timetable with milestones

Budget for the business idea with estimated costs and revenues


Application closes the 31st of October. 

Apply here:

If you have any questions reach out to

Legal Advisor

CRM Partners