Information about the new website – Part 1

I case you have missed it, by living under a rock since you started Handels, we have a fresh new website! As new websites go, it may require some time to get used to and some guidance on how to use it properly. Therefore, we have this four-part guide, stretching over a couple of weeks, containing basic information as well as some tips and tricks on how to use the new website; and what better way to kick it off than with the front page!


If you need further information on how to upload and otherwise create or manage content on the site, please feel free to contact


Front page


On the front page, we have collected and synthesised the bulk of information found in our four categories: news, events, committees and recruitment. These four categories, which also make out the major site banner, makes out the essentials of the website. But more on these in a couple of days…


On the front page you can view recent major news as well as pictures from events with a certain hashtag, for example #sassecheerleading or #småttingintro2016. To get your event to show pictures, simply tag your event with a hashtag when you create it and the website will automatically import photos from Instagram with that hashtag.


Scroll down a bit and you can view upcoming events as well as recent news and recruitment at a glance. Scroll even further and you can see what the Student Association is all about and find the useful feature Book Swap which we will talk more about in a later episode.




To view recent news about SASSSE and all its activities, simply click on “news” in the major website banner.


Here you will notice that some, or perhaps all, news are collapsed and only showing a title. This is because you have not followed the committee or project which have submitted this news yet. By following committees and projects, this news will appear with an ingress and pictures so you easily can view the news you are most interested in.


To see all the committee news you are following, simply go to your account page (click your name in the upper right corner) and click “manage account”; scroll down to see what you are following.




The recruitment page is exactly what it sounds like. Want to know how you can engage in and contribute to SASSE? You will find it on the recruitment page!


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