Think Tank Timbro – helps you with your Essay!

Are you a student and interested in freedom? Do you need material or inspiration for an essay? Next Wednesday, October 12th, Timbro opens its doors for students only: tutoring, open library, job opportunities and a book release AW.




Are you our next think tank contributor? Timbro is looking for researchers and report writers. This year we have hired six students to find material for reports or write reports themselves. Come by and introduce yourself to our project managers!




Throughout the day some of Timbro’s most productive academics will be present to give you comments and inspiration. Bring your ideas, synopsis or text for qualified feedback from someone who will not be grading you. Meet political scientist Andreas Johansson Heinö, doctor of science Björn Hasselgren, doctor of practical philosophy Roland Poirier Martinsson and economists Jacob Lundberg and Jesper Ahlgren.




We end the day with an after work and the release of our new book, Classical Liberalism. Join us and mingle until midnight!


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