Information about SASSE Exchange Merits


The SASSE Exchange Merits Guide (Kårpoängsmallen) is being updated. The last time the guide was updated offically was in December 2014 and was used to determine the number of Exchange merit points for the SASSE year of 2013/2014. As a result many projects and roles that are included within the exisiting guide are outdated and need to be revised. For example, projects such as “BC Case Competition” and “SASSE Ad” do not exist any longer. In addition the criteria within the guide are also being evaluated. This work is being conducted by the SASSE Board and a new updated guide will be released within the coming months. The new guide will be used to determine the number of points Bachleor students will get for the exchange period during the autumn of 2017. If you have any questions regarding this process please contact


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