Information about Studentpalatset and Group Rooms

Maybe you have noticed there are no group rooms in the library? 


The reason for this is that Executive Education has moved in to Sveavägen 65 and therefore the group rooms are now offices.


Maybe you have heard rumors about Studentpalatset?


We will have access to Studentpalatset unti January, due to very high fees SSE has decided to cancel their agreement with Studentpalatset after that.




What is SASSE doing about this?


So, until January you will find group rooms at Studentpalatset and in the mean time we will try to work out a more long term solution. If you have any complaints, ideas, feedback or want to join this work group, please email .


Also, don’t forget that you are welcome to use the Kåridor, the Committee Rooms, the Pub and The Rotunda as study spaces as well!


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