Enok of May


The Enok of August is Jakob Östgren! He has for the last three years shown great commitment to SASSE. Jakob was a part of the Handelsdagarna 2015 Project Group as Head of Tech and is also one of the founding members of the Music Society. Later he acquired the position as Head of Tech in the IT Committee Board 15/16 and was thereafter elected President of the IT Committee 16/17. As part of the IT Committee Board, Jakob restructured and streamlined the board’s work and was also responsible for the making of the new SASSE website, one of the largest IT investments in SASSE’s history. After his year as IT President, Jakob has continued his engagement as Board Game guru within the Social Committee. He also supports the IT Committee Board 17/18 as Strategic Advisor. Jakob has always been helping a lot of different people within SASSE, without asking for anything in return. He makes sure the microwaves and the disco lights in the Rotunda are working, cleans the DJ-set and fixes small, but irritating issues with our website, just to name a few things recently. He is really what you would call a “doer”, and we are all very thankful for everything he has done for SASSE.


Thank you Jakob!


Legal Advisor

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