A visit from the EQUIS evaluation team!


Dear SASSE members,


Exciting times are ahead of us.

During the 9-11th of October, SSE will be visited by an evaluation team from EQUIS – an organisation which every 5th year accreditates our school. The EQUIS accreditation is crucial and important to all of us. Only the very best universities in the world receives this accreditation and without it, it would not be possible for SSE to be ranked in e.g. the Financial Times.

As SASSE members, you all play an important part in their visit. Prior to their visit, all our SASSE premises will be cleaned and made as fresh as possible. This, since they can at any time during their visit decide to visit us down in the basement to have a chat.

We encourage you to keep living your ordinary, everyday life in our dear SASSE basement during these days, but please make sure to have the evaluation team’s presence in mind! Clean up after yourselves, and be on your best behavior!

If you have any questions, please contact: president@sasse.se








The SASSE Board of 18/19



Legal Advisor

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