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Being a student at SSE entails many things, from dancing in the rotunda to studying in the atrium. Everyones’ experience here will look different, but what binds us all together is our education. Some of the strongest bonding experiences with your classmates will come when rushing to complete a group project or struggling with homework together. The Education Committee works to ensure that the education continues to be outstanding and that SSE is a good place to be a student through systematic feedback collection, faculty correspondence, representation in various forums. Educational coverage is the core of our association, and our close collaboration with SSE offers unmatched opportunities in making your voice heard, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you ever have any concerns!


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Educational Resources


Every class at SSE has their own Sharing is Caring Facebook group administered by the Education Committee and your Class Representatives. This is a group for students, by students. Here you can help each other with your studies by sharing notes and other things related to the student cohort. Remember – we are in this together.


The Education Committee also administers a Facebook page through which a number of educational opportunities are shared, everything from studies abroad to essay competitions. You will also find many different scholarships, invitations to inspirational lectures and even work-opportunities there.

StUUdy GUUide

The Education Committee runs a google drive folder with study material for students, based on notes and advice from previous years.

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Educational Whistleblow

Let us know if you are having any issues with a course, faculty member or any other academic matter that you’d like us to look into by selecting the President of the Education Committee as the receiver. If you’d like to get a response, please select the checkbox, otherwise you will remain anonymous.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am having issues with one of my courses, who can I reach out to?

    In case of issues, first contact your Class Representatives, found at the start of this page, for more specific issues, you can contact the Head of BSc Programs or the Head of MSc Programs in the Education Committee Board. In very individual cases you can also contact the President of the Education Committee. Your opinion or case always remains between you and the representative or Board Member you speak to, unless specified otherwise.

  • How can I give feedback for one of my courses?

    The Class Representatives usually send out some form of feedback survey or have a meeting with the class, opening up for feedback in specific areas. This is usually done at the end of each study period, however, are always open to receiving feedback either in person, by email or through their Instagram accounts (if applicable). You are also free to contact the Head of BSc or MSc Programs or the President of the Education Committee.

  • Do you offer any type of study support?

    We offer Tutor Sessions at the end of each exam period for most mandatory BSc courses, where past students that have done well in the course go through old exams and other material and answer any questions. Students also have access to the a StUUdy GUUide curated by the Education Committee, where students can find notes and advice on each course.

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