Educational Benchmarking

The Education Committee also aims to stay tasked with developing the education at SSE. The board does this in a variety of ways, notably by benchmarking against other leading business schools via both conferences with partner associations and the annual Educational Benchmarking Trip. This trip has previously focused on Internationalisation, Student Impact and Digitalisation in Education. This fall the Education Committee Board will be travelling to the U.S East Coast to look at “Business Curricula from its practical and theoretical applications”.  The resultant findings from these trips are then used to augment the committee’s work to develop SSE further.

EBT 2018: London

Looked into how academic operations, securing quality education for current, and future SSE students in response to the ever pertinent increase in internationalization at SSE and in SASSE.

Universities visited: Hult International Business School, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Oxford, City University of London, London Business School

EBT 2019: The Netherlands

Investigated how SASSE and SSE could be further prepared for the internationalization of education by researching how internationalization occurs at schools operating in a similar situation.

Universities visited: Maastricht University, Tilburg University, Erasmus University, Rotterdam Business School

EBT 2020: Bromma

Due to Covid, destinations were limited, and so the EBT was carries ot from home. The Board improvised and looked into students rights and responsibilities at different business and economic universities in Sweden.

EBT 2021: France & Switzerland

This year, the Board looked into pedagogical methods employed at various universities and how they aid learning. The focus was the student’s classroom experience but also how the methods tie into the school’s values.

Universities visited: University of St. Gallen, HEC Lausanne, HEC Paris, ESSEC Business School, IESEG – School of Management, Sciences Po

EBT 2022: Boston & New York City

The EBT this year looked into Digitalisation in Education. As a result of the post-covid world, educational approaches have shifted. This included researching the in-house digital infrastructure in physical classrooms, digital resources, and learning platforms.

Universities visited: Harvard University, MIT, Columbia University, NYU, Princeton

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