Class Representatives


The central pillar of the Education Committee’s work is feedback. Our Class Representatives are core to this aspect of the Education Committee. They work to gather course-specific feedback and present student opinion to the faculty, both during and after every academic period. This is done by producing qualitative reports with student feedback on every mandatory course administered. Our recurring Focus Sessions provide another opportunity for you to express your opinion on a set topic over lunch in the Education Committee room. You are always welcome to reach out for any and all input!

BSc Class Representatives

BSc in Business & Economics, Year 1 :

BSc in Business & Economics, Year 2:

BSc in Business & Economics, Specialisation Courses:

BSc Elective Representatives:

BSc in Retail Management, Year 1:

BSc in Retail Management, Year 2 :

BSc in Retail Management, Year 3 :


MSc Class Representatives

MSc in Accounting Valuation and Financial Management

MSc in Economics

MSc in MBM

MSc in Finance

MSc in International Business

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