Bachelor Introductions

The BSc Introduction committee is responsible for organising the two introduction weeks for newly admitted B&E and R&M students starting their bachelor at SSE. During these two weeks a wide range of activities is organised by the committee such as parties, company events and student panels. The comitté consists of 24 students and is each year led by 4 “Big Parents”. The Big Parents are four second-year students and consist of one male and one female from each of the school’s two programs in order to represent all students. Besides organising and being responsible for the introduction weeks, the big parents role is also to make sure to support and help all of the new students. Even though they are mostly visible during the first two weeks the Big Parents will still keep their supporting role, so never be afraid to reach out to them if you have any issues!

Contact info:

Eldór Hennermark 0760397405 (Big Daddy B&E),

Liv Sterner 0735323208 (Big Mommy B&E),

Esam Touma (Big Daddy R&M),

Georgia Anderson 0793554184 (Big Mommy R&M)

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