SASSE Health Track

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of the SSE student body is of the utmost priority to both the school and its student association. The Student Health Council consists of representatives from SSE and SASSE and meets regularly to discuss matters relating to student health. The Student Health Council develops, coordinates and implements numerous initiatives to improve students’ health and wellbeing. But we have seen that we are missing an organ within SASSE that can work on a daily basis with these issues. The SASSE Board has therefore together with SHC worked during the fall to create a project plan for insuring that the mental health of our students will be a continous topic during your time at SSE. We are therefore so happy to finally present our two new health initiatives. 

SASSE Health Group

The SASSE Health Group is led by the President of the Sports Committee, both the President and the Head of Social Activities of the Social Committee, and the President of the Education Committee. The group works for the improvement of students’ health in all manner of ways, including stress and anxiety related to studies, the culture between students, and how physical health relates to overall well being. The four leaders of the group are also members of the Student Health Council. 

SASSE Health Track

As a student your time here at SSE will involve a variety of setbacks and challenges, often resulting in feelings of stress and pressure. We believe that by creating a health track with psychological interventions at the individual and group level which are customized to the different stressors the students experience during their time at SSE will we be able to work preventive with mental health issues. Making sure that more students can tackle the challenges needed to grow in a more sustainable and healthy way.

The individual measures will be provided through a collaboration with an external company, while on group level these questions will be targeted through panel discussions, workshops, lectures and open discussion and Q&A sessions. 

During the beginning of 2021 we will launch this new service and before that we will recruit a project group that will focus on the strategic and operational importance of student health (recruitment will come up shortly). 

If you have got any questions, reach out to some of the representatives from the SASSE Health Group.  

Stay safe and take care! 

// SASSE Board 20/21


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