Access closed after 22:00

Because of the newly formed restrictions from the government regarding alcohol serving after 22:00. The SASSE Board has decided to shut down all access to the committee rooms after 22:00 o’clock. This is a precautionary measure taken in order to follow the new restrictions given and because the premises are regarded as an actual restaurant in the laws eyes given our alcohol permit. Therefore it is strictly forbidden by law to consume alcohol after 22:00 in SASSE’s premises. We ask that you respect this and act accordingly.




If you have any questions concerning the Alcohol permit, the laws or an urgent matter regarding this please contact the:


  • President of the Entertainment Committee (, +46 73 822 55 48) or
  • Vice President (, +46 73 849 46 65) if you have further inquiries.



Thank you for your understanding.




Best, SASSE Board <3


Legal Advisor

CRM Partners