SASSE Equality Week 2021

The SASSE Equality Group is proud to present:


Together with our main sponsors BCG, EQT and Deloitte we invite you to join in on a series of exciting events centering around diversity and inclusion, taking place from 19th to 23rd April. The week will feature corporate, educational, and social events that allow you to learn more about topics within diversity and inclusion, engaging with companies and diversity experts! To top everything off, the Equality Group has organized two covid-compliant, diverse and inclusive events for everyone to join!



Our industry-leading corporate partners have prepared exciting and interactive events on various diversity topics. What stance do BCG, EQT, Deloitte, and Implement Consulting Group have on diversity, and how do they use it to crush their competition? Listen, learn, and mingle – maybe even secure your future position!  

The Future of Diversity Panel broadcast to you live from Zellma studios will feature executives from BCG, EQT, and Deloitte rounds off the week with an exciting discussion of perspectives and actions related to the intersection of strategy and diversity.



Educational events range from an Art Panel Talk to a lecture about Start-up Financing by Professor Mark Conley (SSE, Columbia), an outside guest lecture from prominent activist Iwonne Rapoport (Change Collective) to a workshop about recognizing and dealing with suppression techniques by SSE’s D&I Manager Karol Vieker. Learn more about current hot topics, become aware, understand, and become inspired by interesting insights and practical tools of how to become more inclusive in your daily life.



Finally, the Equality Group is deeply committed to providing diverse forms of entertainment and social fun! We are proud to present a virtual drag show featuring known international performers and our Covid-compliant Running Cocktails as an opportunity to get to know each other hosted together with SU and Master Club – open for everyone.

Go ahead and sign up – the first ones get food vouchers! 

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