Investigatory trip to the East Coast

Next week the Board of the Student Association will be embarking on a trip to the East Coast of the US. The Student Council has decided that the Board should investigate two key areas of strategic importance for the future of SASSE and SSE. In addition to this the Board will spend time discussing internal questions that will have a significant impact on the future of the organization. 

The questions that will be dealt with include benchmarking the educational standard at SSE with other top universities, as well as career services and opportunities for SSE students in the US. A number of meetings will be held with univerisities and other organizations. These include Harvard, Colombia, Babson, MIT and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in New York.

The Student Association has an exciting future. There are a number of areas within the organization that the Board has determined as extra important to address during the final quarter of our mandate period as well as for the next Board to continue working on. These can be briefly summarised as inclusiveness, incentives within the Association and the organization’s financing structure.

In order to maximise the output from the trip we want to hear your thoughts! What do you think the Board should take a look at? Do you have any recommendations for what else the Board should do during their time away? Please email if you have any thoughts or ideas!






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