IDU Month 2020

When the situation with Covid-19 escalated we had no other choice than to cancel all our sports activities due to the risk of being infected. This, along with the cancelation of all SASSE activities and distant studies has made students feel more lonely and less active.

This is something that SASSE and The Sports Committee wants to change. Therefore we have worked hard to find ways for you to interact and connect with others while working out where you don’t touch each other. April will be a month full of activities both online and outdoors where you can workout with your friends and come out of your isolation.

Sign up at the events* at (more events will be added to the calendar).

*Important to note that all our planned events can be cancelled if the authorities chooses to change the current situation.


We hope that you will join us! 

/The Sports Committee Board of 2020

Legal Advisor

CRM Partners