The SASSE Presidium

The Presidium, or P3, consist of the President, Vice President and the Treasurer. Together they work as the preparatory organ of the board as well as focusing on implementing the strategic part of SASSE into operations.

The President (“KO”- Kårordförande)

The purpose of the President is to have the highest level of responsibility for all activities within the Association and lead the operational work of the organisation. The President is the representative for all members of the Association towards external parties. The President leads the work of the SASSE Board

The Vice President (“VKO”- Vice Kårordförande)

The role specific tasks of the VKO are very broad, but a common theme is making sure that the internal structures and operations of SASSE function smoothly! The main responsibilities consist of managing the premises(including our cabin in Saltsjöbaden, Enoksro), coordinating big purchases as well as facilitating communication between projects and committees. This means that the Vice President is involved in almost every SASSE event in some way, shape or form. Also, the independent projects(Handelsspexet, Friedmans Apostles, Handelsdagarna and SASSE Sustainability Group all have the vice president as their closest contact point in the board.

The Treasurer (“Skattis” – Skattmästare)

The role of the Treasurer is to oversee and manage the ongoing financial work within the Student Association. This involves the day-to-day operation such as receipt handling and bookkeeping. But also having long term strategic responsibility for the finances of the Student Association, leading the budgeting work at the beginning and end of the year, and drawing up guidelines for the financial management of the Student Association. Therefore, the Treasurer is involved in all parts of SASSE and is the point of contact regarding all monetary questions. 

As mentioned, together with the President and Vice-President, the Treasurer is part of the P3 and acts as a support function to the rest of the SASSE board to add a financial perspective. This is to ensure that the association’s money is spent in the best way possible. 

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