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The SASSE Sustainability Group (SSG) is a sustainability initiative, formed as an Independent Project in SASSE. SSG strives to promote the subject of economic, environmental & social sustainability* within SASSE and SSE. This is accomplished through our various projects and events, often in collaboration with various businesses, NGOs, and nonprofits.

*Sustainability is a vague term, which is why it can be beneficial to divide it into more concrete parts. A great way to understand these different divisions is to look at the UN:s 2030 SDG:s:

Social sustainability – The promotion of intersectional equality and rights, as well as ensuring fair living conditions for everyone.

Economic sustainability – Sustaining economic growth that’s fair across nation borders as well as between current & future generations.

Environmental sustainability – Preserving ecosystems, the environment & fighting against climate change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is Sustainable Fashion Week?

    SFW 2023 was held in January. An exact date for this year’s event is not set as of yet, but expect a similar timeline.

  • When is Focus CSR?

    This year, the Focus CSR week was in April.

  • When do you recruit the project group for the Future of Food Banquet?

    Since FoF is a small-scale project, usually held at the end of April, we recruit the project group in early spring. Keep your eyes on our social media!

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