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Vill du representera Handels? Bli studentambassadör!

Vi vet att det inte finns några bättre ambassadörer för Handelshögskolan än våra egna studenter. Är du en svenskspråkig BSc-student som vill vara med och representera Handels i möten med gymnasieelever och online?


Som studentambassadör besöker du mässor och gymnasieskolor runt om i Sverige för att berätta om Handelshögskolan. Du håller presentationer, svarar på frågor och pratar om förväntningar och framtidsdrömmar. Mässor och skolbesök sker också digitalt.


Vi söker dig om läser år 1 eller 2 på något av våra kandidatprogram. Vi hoppas att du är nöjd med dina studier och vill förmedla din bild av hur det är att studera på Handels. Du är utåtriktad, ödmjuk, flexibel och bra på att lyssna och få kontakt med gymnasieelever.


Vi startar ambassadörsåret med en obligatorisk utbildning och kick-off i september. Därefter är du redo för många roliga och givande samtal och möten med både dina ambassadörskollegor och de som är nyfikna på Handels. 


Skicka din ansökan med CV senast den 1 maj 2021 till simone.westergard@hhs.se. Berätta varför just du vill bli studentambassadör. Vi ser fram emot din ansökan!

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The SASSE Equality Group is proud to present:


Together with our main sponsors BCG, EQT and Deloitte we invite you to join in on a series of exciting events centering around diversity and inclusion, taking place from 19th to 23rd April. The week will feature corporate, educational, and social events that allow you to learn more about topics within diversity and inclusion, engaging with companies and diversity experts! To top everything off, the Equality Group has organized two covid-compliant, diverse and inclusive events for everyone to join!



Our industry-leading corporate partners have prepared exciting and interactive events on various diversity topics. What stance do BCG, EQT, Deloitte, and Implement Consulting Group have on diversity, and how do they use it to crush their competition? Listen, learn, and mingle – maybe even secure your future position!  

The Future of Diversity Panel broadcast to you live from Zellma studios will feature executives from BCG, EQT, and Deloitte rounds off the week with an exciting discussion of perspectives and actions related to the intersection of strategy and diversity.



Educational events range from an Art Panel Talk to a lecture about Start-up Financing by Professor Mark Conley (SSE, Columbia), an outside guest lecture from prominent activist Iwonne Rapoport (Change Collective) to a workshop about recognizing and dealing with suppression techniques by SSE’s D&I Manager Karol Vieker. Learn more about current hot topics, become aware, understand, and become inspired by interesting insights and practical tools of how to become more inclusive in your daily life.



Finally, the Equality Group is deeply committed to providing diverse forms of entertainment and social fun! We are proud to present a virtual drag show featuring known international performers and our Covid-compliant Running Cocktails as an opportunity to get to know each other hosted together with SU and Master Club - open for everyone.

Go ahead and sign up - the first ones get food vouchers! 

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Happy Friday!
Today we are finally presenting some good news! Yesterday, the Corona Task Force decided to re-open campus and the SASSE premises on Monday April 12th.It is extremely important that you continue to keep social distance, follow the restrictions that will be put up across the premises, and stay home if you have any symptoms. We really look forward to welcoming everyone back on Monday, until then, have a relaxing weekend!

//SASSE Board

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Dear SASSE members!

March has come to an end and I suppose it must have been quite a turbulent month for each and every one of you. Project groups and committee boards have had to act quickly and adapt from holding meetings in the SASSE premises, to moving them online. It has been more difficult to host team-building activities; however, from what I’ve seen, you have done very well on that part, despite the challenging circumstances (eloge to you!). 

It makes me so happy to see how close many of the committee boards and projects groups already have become. Furthermore, I wish to welcome all new recruits aboard: Welcome to the Handelsdagarna Committee, the Student’s Nobel Night Cap’s Project Group, the BSc Introduction Committee, the new Project Leader for SASSE Sustainability Group, the Alumni Mentorship Project Group, the Tutor Center Project Group, and the Women’s Finance Day’s Project Group! And last but not least: Welcome to Oscar, our new interim Social Committee President. I am confident that all of us will accomplish great things together this year. <3

Especially in these times, I am happy to be writing this monthly newsletter, and thus give you more insight into the board’s work. If there’s anything you and your project group would like me to share with all members (or external parties), just reach out – we’re more than happy to highlight the amazing things you do every single day!

To share some of what the SASSE Board has been up to, I would like to start with our operational goals which we have written for the first period. Up until June, we will focus on: 

1) improving the communication within SASSE 

2) understanding and improving SASSE’s business model 

3) kicking off the new year and increasing SASSE unity 

4) improving student health

Each of these objectives will be described in more detail in the coming operational plan (which we have to compile into a presentable format…). We have chosen to work with the “OKR Model” where OKR stands for “Objectives and Key Results”. The committee presidents will share their personal objectives with their respective committee boards so we together can work towards accomplishing the goals. Of course, all independent projects will be looped in as well, especially on the communication objective.

March has been permeated by equality work from the SASSE board’s part. We have started planning for the upcoming Equality Week (19-23 April) together with the Equality Group, had a kick-off meeting with the Academic Pride group as well as had the annual Equality Workshop with Karol Vieker. 

We have also started looking into various ways to enforce the contact between SSE students, different companies – from other sectors than the usual banking and consulting – and alumni. I look forward to sharing this with you as soon as we have made more progress! 

Additionally, the process of renovating the premises has been initiated and we have examined the possibility of getting external funding for it. Speaking of premises: as you might know, I am currently working on the Studentpalatset situation. SSE believes it is too costly to rent (or buy) the entire building, which is the only option Akademiska Hus provides. I want you to know that I’m working hard on this, as I know how much Studentpalatset means to some of you.

Axel (Vice President) has fixed the heating issue at Enoksro (it was really cold out there before) and looked into using your access card as a key to Enoksro when you have booked it. Melvin (IdU) has initiated the organizing for this fall’s Surf Trip and Lovisa (UU) and Cindy (IntU) has, together with CIVICA, started planning for the upcoming European week in June. In March, a Swedish Language café was also hosted by IntU; we’re looking forward to the next one! 

Lovisa has, together with you members, evaluated the different alternatives for implementing rest day(s) after exams. She has in addition to this compiled a guideline document for what a role-specific handbook should include. This so each of you can learn your new role more efficiently, and hence start with the fun stuff faster! 

Thanks to Clara (MedU), SASSE will soon have a drone license – make sure to sign up for the upcoming session where you can learn how to use it! Markus (TechU) has looked into a potential new website for SASSE.se with new features, such as a career portal. Matilda (BC) has together with her board renewed plenty of company contracts for the committee sponsors and the introduction weeks, ensuring that we have the revenue we need to create as magical events as possible! 

With that being said, I wish you a fantastic new month! Feel free to reach out to me or any in the SASSE Board if you have questions – how big or small they might be.


Take care,

Tindra Hedlund

President of SASSE 21/22

president@sasse.se or +46 722 35 09 54

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Stockholms Studentkårers Centralorganisation (SSCO) is looking for next year's elected representatives in their student council.

Read more and apply on https://ssco.se/nominera/

The nomination period ends April 21st!

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Congratulations Kiryl Shantyka for being Member of March!

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Yesterday SSE and the Corona Task Force decided to extend the closure of the campus, and hence the SASSE premises, again, this time until the 6th of April. The decision will be re-evaluated next Thursday.

Congratulations on completing your exams! Take care of yourselves and others!


SASSE Board<3

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The SASSE rose goes to the amazingly devoted people of the SASSE Endurance team! It is no new information to anyone that keeping active is of great importance, especially during a pandemic. Staying active improves both physical health as well as mental. The Endurance Team has not only adapted their gatherings for the current restrictions to keep them up and running but done so gladly with a smile in a true SASSE spirit. Thank you for your efforts in giving the members of SASSE the opportunity of staying active, even in the midst of a pandemic. You are a true inspiration to us all!

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Hi everyone!

I hope you all are well!

It’s the President of the Education Committee speaking here today. We are currently working to investigate whether it would be possible to implement rest days after exams, as this is consistently requested by many of you students. It is a difficult question due to the requirements posed by CSN in terms of semester length and so on, but together with the Scheduling Coordinator and the Academic Support and Records department, the Education Committee has now been able to identify a couple of alternatives of how this could potentially be done. However, all of them come with some sort of trade-off, so I need your help to identify the best possible solution! 


There are three possible alternatives: 


  1. Alternative 1 is to always end exam periods on a Friday in order to guarantee the students a free weekend before their next course starts. However, the trade-off here would be that the exam period would be more compressed, which implies the possibility of main exams for the same cohort taking place two days in a row. It would also mean an increased risk of exams taking place at the same time when students are taking exams for courses from different years, so when they are taking re-exams. In order for the exam periods to fit in all the exams, they may also have to start earlier, which could mean exams taking place on weekends at the beginning of the exam period, less time between the last teaching session and the first exam, and/or fewer days available for teaching and thus a more intense teaching period. 
  2. Alternative 2 is to make it impossible to schedule class time during the first two days of a new teaching period. The trade-off here would be that it would mean a more compressed teaching period, that is, the schedule would be more intense throughout the courses as the same amount of teaching hours would have to take place during two fewer teaching days. However, as the schedule many times is not that intense in the middle of a teaching period, the impact the implementation of Alternative 2 would have would be limited to a few lectures being moved to other days during the teaching period when little or nothing is scheduled.
  3. Alternative 3 is to only allow retake exams to take place on the last one or two days of an exam period, so that students only taking the main exams are guaranteed one or two rest days before the next teaching period starts. One day would probably not be too much of a problem, except for in the October exam period, as no re-exams are scheduled in that period, but two days could be more difficult. This solution would mean a trade-off in that students who actually have re-take exams would not benefit from the it. Furthermore, this solution would mean an increased risk of exams being scheduled at the same time, especially for students with more than one re-exam. It would be up to the student in question to solve this, which could potentially prolong their degree time. It would also mean that main exams for the same cohort would sometimes have to be scheduled two days in a row, and/or that the exam period would have to be longer, which would affect the teaching schedule and/or how many days there would be between the last teaching session and the exam. 


If you have any thoughts, questions or ideas regarding this, I would love to hear them! You can either respond to the story posted on sasseofficial today (19/3), shoot me an email on edupres@sasse.se or sign up for the Education Committe's Focus Session on the topic next week: https://www.sasse.se/focus-session-rest-days-after-exams. In order to find the best possible solution, I need to hear your opinions and I would be more than grateful if you wanted to help out! I will then make a suggestion of the next step to the Academic Support and Records department. I will keep working with them to reach the best possible solution for as many students as possible, and then I will get back to you all. Thank you, everyone, for helping me out with this important question!

All the best,

Lovisa Bergdahl

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Due to the spread amongst SSE students not decreasing in the last two weeks, SSE and the Corona Task Force have decided to extend the closure of the campus, and hence the SASSE premises, until at least the 29th of March. The decision will be evaluated weekly.

We in the SASSE Board want to encourage you to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Services and keep a distance so that everyone can be welcomed back to campus as soon as possible. 

Good luck with your exams!


//SASSE Board

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