SSE has opened up classrooms with the sole purpose of studying! Max 8 people per room!

Good luck with your studies!

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We have had some people write to us regarding the digital gasque.

Here is some information about the Digital Gasque:

  • We have sent out ALL the letters. If you have not received your letter do not fret. The contents were a pamphlet and a SSE-pin.
  • The pamphlet will be sent out together with the zoom-link to the event. This is sent out via the email you filled in during the survey.
  • Regarding the SSE-pin we ask you to wait until at least wednesday next week to see if your letter has not yet arrived.
  • If it does not arrive then one can pick one up from the SASSE Reception during the remainder of the spring (So no pressure on coming in to school if you do not want to) do n
  • Regarding the UBER Eats vouchers we utilized the send out function that UBER offers. Therefore all the emails that we received from the survey should have received an email from UBER (Not SASSE) with a link to activate your voucher for 150 SEK (This was executed yesterday, Thursday 14/1-2021). The code is activated from 12:00 this friday.


Best regards,

The SASSE Board

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Welcome to this short survey. Just as the rest of the world, SASSE has tried to handle the crisis as well as possible, and we are now looking to hear your opinions and feedback. The crisis is not over and we never know if or when SASSE will face yet another crisis. Please help us by sharing your thoughts!

Survey link:

Deadline: Friday January 22nd

All the best,

SASSE Board 20/21


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It is finally time for the Spring Recruitment. New Boards and new members in several projects are to be recruited! 

The application process is simple...  

If you apply for more than one committee/project, you will have to apply through each committee's/project’s separate page through the links below. If you want to read more about each committee and project then please have a look in the Recruitment Catalogue further down on the page. 

Your application should include:

1) Name of the position(s) you apply for within the committee/project

2) Some information about yourself and a motivation for why you are applying for the position(s)

3) If you do apply for several positions within the board/project, please state your prioritization or if you are indifferent. If you apply for several committee boards or projects, however, you do not need to rank them by preference – this only has to be done if you apply for several positions within one specific board or project.

4) Send in your application before the deadline of 23:59 on the 22nd January 2021.

5) Every applicant will be receiving an email about the time of their interview slot between the 23rd-24h of January, so keep an eye on your email and phone! If you have not received an email after the 24th, reach out to the responsible recruiter.

It is okay to apply for several committees and projects, we encourage you to do so, however you will only be able to choose to engage in one in the end. It is also worth pointing out that no previous experience is needed! 



Presidium Positions Offered

Vice Treasurer

Property Management Group


Committee Boards

Education Committee Board Positions Offered 

Business Committee Board Positions Offered

International Committee Board Positions Offered

Media Committee Board Positions Offered

Tech Committee Board Positions Offered

Sports Committee Board Positions Offered

Social Committee Board Positions Offered

Entertainment Committee


Other Positions

Handelsdagarna President

Bachelor Introductions Project Leaders

Master Introductions Project Leaders

Students' Nobel NightCap Committee

Student Farce


We look forward to your application and to meeting you!

Lots of hugs,

The SASSE Board of 21/22

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Now is the time to contribute your idea to Minimax’s next issue! We are looking for writers of uplifting articles to add to our up and coming issue! Email to discuss! Minimax is the school’s quarterly newspaper ran by students. We are currently writing our second issue which has an uplifting theme for the dark winter. If you would like to contribute your ideas to this issue, please get in touch. We welcome everybody and all ideas, no experience needed. Speak soon! Ethan & Folke

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If you feel unwell or are worried about someone close to you, please contact either someone in the SASSE Board or a professional! You both have Studenthälsan in Stockholm that drops new bookable timeslots on Fridays, or there are digital options such as Mindler which will become a partner to SASSE now in the beginning of the year. 

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Congratulations Flo Leyh on being Member of December!

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Dear member, 

We have mediated the questions you brought up in the survey and have tried to gather some further information.

Firstly, we want to once again highlight that we are not an official mediator in these topics as we have no influence or insight in either the process or the decisions. The SASSE President is part of the Dicisplinary Committee which is not part of the process unless a case has been appealed, in which it is handled by the Disciplinary Committee. 

Your main contact should continue to be the OGC and we are simply trying to aid by collecting summarized information. Nothing that we publish is therefore "official" unless the school goes out with the information as well. 


We have asked about exchanges earlier and were then told that as long as a student is not suspended during the time of one's exchange, students are allowed to go.

However, in the Q&A that the OGC published, which is attached to this post, it was stated that no student who has had disciplinary action taken against them will be able to go on exchange due to the criteria "ambassadorship" 

We asked the school the following questions and received the attached answers. 

1. Are suspended students allowed to apply for exchange?

Answer: No

2. Where do you find the grounds for exchange? On the page exchange outgoing on the portal there seems to be no further explanation of ambassadorship other than the fact that it is calculated by a student's possibility to pass one's exams on the first try? 

Answer: It is true that there are several admission criteria for the exchange program: These are first and foremost qualification criteria and then ranking or prioritization criteria, the last of which is ambassadorship. The first two can be measured almost numerically, while the last one may require a little more detailed explanation. 

What is meant by ambassadorship? It is basically a suitability test, and because the criterion now exists as a place allocation criterion, it means that the applicant has to show that they are a good envoy for studies abroad.

The next question then becomes how such an examination is carried out. The assessment can be compared to a so-called probation that occurs in a number of different professions, where the applicant's good lifestyle or civic reliability must be tested—where great emphasis is traditionally placed on whether you are hardworking, decent, sober or otherwise worthy of respect. In practice, extracts from criminal or suspicion registers regarding certain types of crime are analyzed. Prohibition sometimes also includes a general accountability requirement, i.e. general honesty, reliability and integrity. 

Student exchange is (yet) not an absolute right for every student at the university and is based on bilateral agreements with other foreign universities. The agreements are based on the premise that the students who are exchanged also possess the ability to be able to represent their alma mater in a good way and to be able to study abroad at each higher education institution. A student who has been proven guilty of unusual and serious errors in specific academic activities that causes suspension will therefore be unsuitable for this purpose. 

This also does not constitute a form of double punishment; the previously suspended student returns to studies again at SSE and is thus not deprived of any education. Exchange is not possible due to the person in question becoming unsuitable in this way and in practice disqualifying themselves from the possibility of fully competing for exchange does not change that. As we have pointed out a few times, the consequences of suspensions are inevitable, but it is not a product of an unfair system. On the contrary, the indirect consequence of the student being deliberately violated the rules comprising study and degree time, study support, etc.

3. How will this affect students that have not yet received information in regards to their investigation? 

Answer: If a student applies for exchange and afterwards receives a notation about suspension then the application will be revoked. Evelina Elo, BSc Student Mobility Coordinator will receive a list of all suspended students.


Studies and courses

Registering for courses

Find answers in the OGC's Q&A, but all-in-all this shall be handled completely by SSE.


You will be able to take all exams, both regular and re-examinations, as soon as your suspension is over. You are not barred from conducting self-studies, reading books or preparing yourself during the suspension time.  Hence, you are naturally allowed to read the course literature and read up on distributed materials. You are just not allowed to take part of any classes or hand-in assignments.

However, if a course contains obligatory modules, this may mean that you will not be able to pass the course if these modules take place during your suspension. 
As the examinator is the one deciding how the course shall be examined, this is up to each and every course director to decide how they wish to proceed.

This means that the OGC can't answer these types of questions, as it is not up to them to decide.

We have reached out to try and see if we can summarize the different solutions for each course, but this is troublesome. We will be getting back to you in regards to this. 

The academic advisors will help you find personal solutions to plan for your studies as soon as your suspension is over


We understand the stress this whole process has caused, so finally we just wanted to highlight that if you feel unwell or are worried about someone close to you, please contact either someone in the SASSE Board or a professional! You both have Studenthälsan in Stockholm that drops new bookable timeslots on Fridays, or there are digital options such as Mindler which will become a partner to SASSE now in the beginning of the year. 

The survey is still open if you want to leave any further comments or questions.

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Because of the again newly formed restrictions from the government regarding alcohol serving after 20:00. The SASSE Board has decided to shut down all access to the committee rooms after 20:00 o'clock. This is a precautionary measure taken in order to follow the new restrictions given and because the premises are regarded as an actual restaurant in the laws eyes given our alcohol permit. Therefore it is strictly forbidden by law to consume alcohol after 20:00 in SASSE's premises. We ask that you respect this and act accordingly.

This decision is in effect until the 16th of January - since the law states this.

Here you can read about the news in swedish


Here is the english translation:


Between 24 December 2020 and 15 January 2021, alcoholic beverages may be served no later than 20.00.

Through an amendment to section 3 of the ordinance (2020: 956) on a temporary ban on serving alcohol, the Government has decided that the serving of spirits, wine and strong beer is prohibited between 20.00 and 11.00. The purpose of the change is to prevent the spread of covid-19.

This means that section 3 of the ordinance on the prohibition of serving between 22.00 and 11.00 has been tightened so that the serving of alcoholic beverages may take place no later than 20.00 instead of until 22.00. The ban on serving between 20.00 and 11.00 applies between 24 December 2020 and 15 January 2021. Thereafter, the ban on serving alcohol after 22.00 will apply again until the end of February 2021.

In other words, between the times when the serving ban applies, it is not permitted to serve the alcoholic beverages covered by the serving license.

Exemptions from the regulation's ban on serving alcoholic beverages

The ban on serving alcoholic beverages between 20.00 and 11.00 does not apply to:

  1. Special accommodation
  2. Room service in hotel or minibar in hotel room


If you have any questions concerning the Alcohol permit, the laws or an urgent matter regarding this please contact the:

Thank you for your understanding.


Best, SASSE Board <3

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This time the SASSE Rose goes to our vice treasurers, Isak Kreuger and Alfred Holmberg, for helping the SASSE Board and the Treasury with the Interim Report. They had to plan and manage 100 invoices during the exam period. The work was done with energy and engagement during the whole process. This year, they have also helped SASSE to secure our liquidity level during the whole Covid-19 crisis with their constant work to make sure that SASSE receives invoices on a regular basis.

Thank you!

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