Dear SASSE Members, here is the result for the Interim Election 2023 for Treasurer. See the results in the powerpoint bellow.

Best Regards, The Election Committee





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Dear SASSE Members, here are the election promises for the interim election 2023 for Treasurer.  Voting opens on March 1st, who will get your vote?

Best Regards, The Election Committee  

View the election promises through this link: 


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The deadline to hand in receipts for the period 1/11 - 28/2 is March 3rd. No late hand-ins will be accepted, if you hand in late you will not get reimbursed :(

You hand in your receipts outside the Media Committee Room. 


The Treasury <3

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This week’s SASSE rose goes to Handelsdagarna! With 174 people involved in the project, 75 companies attending and 2 banquets in the Atrium the project group really managed to bring Handelsdagarna back to its pre-pandemic glory! Thank you Handelsdagarna for an amazing week:blue_heart:

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Dear SASSE Member, An Interim Election will take place this spring. Nominations for the Election are now open, use the link below to nominate your candidate or even yourself! Make sure to make your nominations before 18th February 23:59. 

The positions up for election are:

1 x Treasurer

Link to nominations:

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This week's SASSE rose goes to the Sustainable Fashion Week Project Group! The group arranged a week filled with inspiring events, ending with a fashion show in the atrium. Thank you for all your efforts!

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Congratulations Jacob Grimhall for being Member of January!

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Last day to apply: 20th of February

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Dear members,

Each year the SASSE board recoginizes a few students that have given that little bit of extra to their classmates and fellow SASSE members. However, we need your help. Help us nominate the ones you feel should win the prizes!

The prizes that will be rewarded:

- Småtte and Småtta of the year (BSc)

- Junior and Junioress of the year (MSc)

- Parent/Buddy group of the year

- This year's best initiative

- SASSE Spirit of the year

- Long and faithful service


Nominate here:

Deadline Sunday 12/2 23:59

The award cermony will take place 22/2 at 12.15.


Thank you!

SASSE board 22/23

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Due to renovations, the SASSE reception has been temporarily moved to the Media Committee room is saltmätargatan, in the retail building.

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About the Student Association SASSE

The Student Association at the Stockholm School of Economics (SASSE) is a non-political, non-religious organization that has about 2000 members. SASSE was founded in 1909 when the Stockholm School of Economics was situated at Brunkebergstorg. Over a century later the Student Association is located at Sveavägen in the heart of Stockholm and has evolved into a vast and dynamic organization where 90% of the students are active to some extent during their time at SSE.