Hi everyone! 

Due to preparations for the annual Women's Finance Day (WFD) Fair, the Atrium, Rotunda, and Pub is booked and should be empty by 16:00 today, Tuesday September 14. 


The project group hopes to see you tomorrow at the fair and thanks you in advance!

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This year's fall recruitment has started! As it is the first recruitment period for many members, we have answered a few common questions for you :)

Are my chances different depending on when I apply? You will be able to apply to any position between the 6th-14th. It does not matter if you are the first one to apply or sends in your application at 23:59 on the last day, all applicants will be treated equally and all will get an interview slot. 

How will the interviews be conducted? The interviews will differ slightly depending on what project you have applied to and who is making the interview. However, within the association, we have "Recruitment Guidelines" that all members that are recruiting have to read through and follow. Therefore, they will have the same outline but the specific questions can differ. If you want to know more about the "Recruitment Regulations", you can find them under "about & documents" here on sasse.se, and then "SASSE Policies and Regulations" (the document on the top) and then starting on page 18. The document is also added at the bottom of this page. This year, all students will also have the option to decide if you want to do an interview through zoom (online) or a physical one. 

This box on the application where I can write a motivation, what should I write, and how much? This box is for the recruiter to get to know a slight bit more about you with regards to what role you are applying for and a short description of why. You will get to motivate why you have applied for the position in the interview, so this is for the interviewer to get a bit of a "teaser" beforehand. There is therefore no need to write your whole life story and your CV here ;) 

Do I need previous experience to apply for something? No previous experience is ever needed for a position within the association. Having experience in something is of course not bad (for example knowing Photoshop when applying for a marketing or communications role), but it is not something you need to know in advance. For all positions, you will have a shorter handover with the person holding that position last year, or having someone other in the project group or the project learned that can help you. The thing we want to see is that you want to learn more and want to engage in that project :)

How many positions can I apply for? As many as you want! What we usually say in Swedish here at SSE "Sök allt, ångra inget" (apply for everything and regret nothing). If you want to engage in SASSE, apply for everything that seems fun and interesting! Then on the interview, you can decide if that project is something for you. There might be another position on the interview you found more interesting, or just honestly felt that you have changed your mind, and that is okay! The interview is as much for you as it is for the recruiter. Some projects can also be combined (for example time-wise) which means that you can accept and be active in two roles afterward. 

Is this the only time to engage? Fall recruitment is when most of the SASSE projects for the fall are recruited. However, some projects will recruit at later stages during the fall. In the spring, we have the Spring recruitment where many positions for the committee boards will be recruited as well as other projects. The fall is the biggest recruitment, but if you want to engage at a later stage, that will be no problem :)


These are some questions that we might think you would like the answers for and if you have any more, don't hesitate to reach out to the committee or project that you are applying for (they will help you <3) or to info@sasse.se for general questions.

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Hello everyone! Hope that you have had an amazing first day of school. One benefit of studying in Sweden is that you become eligible for Mecenat. However, the process to receive the card can be a bit confusing. Attached, and also beneath the About and Documents page, you will find an information flyer about Mecenat with everything you need to know.
Have a great day!
Markus and the Tech Committee <3
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The Yearly BC Catalogues are now here! See the attached files below;

- The Internship Program Guide 2020

- The Full-Time & Trainee Guide 2020 


Enjoy the reading and good luck with all applications! 

Lots of love,

BC Board 20/21

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Congratulations Hanna Hedlund for being Member of May!

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We are aware that a substantial number of students are feeling stressed, tired, anxious and overwhelmed by their studies, even more so due to the distance format—perhaps you can relate as well? Through a collaboration between SASSE, SSE, and the mental health provider Mindler, SSE students are now offered access to therapy in more than 20 different languages free of charge. By using Mindler, you can follow a number of different Cognitive Behavioral Therapy programs, aiming to help with problems ranging from stress and anxiety to depression and substance abuse, as well as talk to a psychologist—all for free!


In order to access the services, follow these steps:   

  1. Download the Mindler app

  2. Register using your 

    1. bankID (requires a Swedish personal number, please see page 12 in the following document for information about how to acquire one: https://www.hhs.se/contentassets/3ead0474bd8f49b2a2ee012ea8889a79/international-students-guide-v3.pdf

    2. AND student email (the SASSE partner code will not work for personal email addresses)

  3. Press “Book meeting”, choose a psychologist and schedule a meeting

    1. During your first meeting, the two of you will set up a personalized plan. The psychologist will inform you about the different programs available and which one(s) would be a good fit for you.

  4. At the payment section, choose the bottom option, “Use your partner code”, and add the code sasse21. This code will be valid for ten sessions per person for a maximum of 100 users.   


Please note that you do not need to present a specific problem or issue to talk to a psychologist; rather, you should feel welcome to discuss any thoughts or questions you might have. It is not unusual to struggle, especially not in times like these, and a psychologist can provide valuable input on your concerns, whether they are big or small. 


This collaboration has been made possible through a donation from Valedo, and we would thus like to express our deepest gratitude towards them for choosing to contribute to improved mental health among SSE students. The availability of the services will, to begin with, stretch until 30 November, when the collaboration will be evaluated. If successful and appreciated, we will look further into the possibilities of prolonging the collaboration.


If you would like more information about Mindler, please see the following website: https://mindler.se/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw4ImEBhDFARIsAGOTMj87IkSyz97V5KqiPWSxMEDE7zd6j7fVK9uBjDlKsORUZlkhepMRoLsaAsk3EALw_wcB


If you have any questions regarding this process, please reach out to health@sasse.se


Stay safe and take care!


The SASSE Board 21/22

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From today, June 1st, the premises will be opened until 22:00!

//SASSE Board

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The Election Committee presents:

Election Results - Spring Election 2021

Please see slides with results in the pdf below.


Best regards,

Election Committee 





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This week’s SASSE rose goes to Simon Engdahl, Axel Hellbom Almström and Rasmus Salén for winning the Swedish Championship in Economics! While the SASSE premises have ached from its absence for two years now, the Swedish Championships in Economics trophy has finally found its way home again. Congratulations on this impressive performance!

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About the Student Association SASSE

The Student Association at the Stockholm School of Economics (SASSE) is a non-political, non-religious organization that has about 2000 members. SASSE was founded in 1909 when the Stockholm School of Economics was situated at Brunkebergstorg. Over a century later the Student Association is located at Sveavägen in the heart of Stockholm and has evolved into a vast and dynamic organization where 90% of the students are active to some extent during their time at SSE.