Dear SASSE members, Spring Election 2022 results are here. See the attached PowerPoint for the election results. 

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This week's SASSE rose goes to the Business Committee board for their hard work preparing and executing the release day 2022 where all the events for the fall company presentations are sold. With their hard work and dedication they made sure we had record-breaking numbers this year once again. Thank you Business Committee for paying for our parties!

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Hello all SASSE members! This is to inform you that the spring election is in full swing. Here you can see all the election promises of the candidates for different positions. Read through it and find your favorite candidate to vote for on the 13th of May when the voting opens.  #LetsGoDemocrazy #SpringElection





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Are you an entrepreneur and have a business idea that you need founding for? Look here! 

Two times every year Lars Fredricssons Stipendium is handed out to young entreprenurs to help them in theere businesses. 

The purpose of the foundation is to support talented and determined young people, who have shown interest in entrepreneurship. The Stockholm School of Economics, via its student union, is responsible for ensuring that the foundation is managed in accordance with current rules. The Dividend Board meets twice a year. The scholarship is SEK 30,000 / scholarship holder. Application closes 31st of May 2022.

Apply by filling in the form and sending in your project plan here:

The project plan should contain: 

- Business Idea

- Timeplan with subgoals 

- Budget 

- Marketing strategy 


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This week’s rose goes to the cheerleading, soccer and basketball team for their outstanding performance during the Royals Cup this past weekend! With two bronze medals and one gold medal you really made SASSE proud. Great job and thank you for showing Europe how it’s done!

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Nominations for Spring Election 2022 is now open! It is time to nominate your friends, acquaintances and/or yourself. The positions up for election in this year's spring election are: 

1 x Chair of the council 

4 x BoD (Board of Directors) 

4 x Ordinary council member 

Now don't miss the chance to engage in SASSE and be the change you want to see! 

Use this link to nominate your candidate:

Make sure to nominate all your candidates before the 1th of May 13:00. 


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This week’s SASSE rose goes to the Minimax editorial team! With articles continuously published on their website as well as several printed issues being released each year, the team works hard to carry the Minimax legacy forward. Thank you for your hard work and your contribution to SASSE!

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This year’s recipient of the SASSE Scholarship is a fantastic example of a member who with a high level of determination and innovation can accomplish long lasting change. During these extraordinary years when the digital presence became as important as it had never been before, he joined the Board of the Tech Committee and used his past experience and expertise to ensuring smooth operations of our digital infrastructure despite its previous flaws. Not only to mention the expansion of the SASSE Sustainability Group and initiating the process of establishing a Sustainability Committee to guarantee that our association's sustainability vision and goals become a strategic and operational priority. The winner has created frictions, which to some extent normally follows with changes. The frictions have been a bit above what is ideal, however SASSE is a Studentunion for the students, for development and for long lasting friendships. With this in mind we put frictions behind and acknowledge hard work and achievements.

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that the SASSE Scholarship 2022 is awarded Kiryl Shantyka, for being a vital part in a large shift towards a more digital and sustainable student association!

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Spring election 2022 is here!

In two weeks time the nomination will open for you to nominate your candidates or even yourself. During the spring election the following positions are up for election:

1 x Chair of the Council 

4 x Board of Directors 

2 x Council members 


#LetsgoDemocrazy #SpringElection

// Election Committee 


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Congratulations Ida Lennström for being Member of March!


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The Student Association at the Stockholm School of Economics (SASSE) is a non-political, non-religious organization that has about 2000 members. SASSE was founded in 1909 when the Stockholm School of Economics was situated at Brunkebergstorg. Over a century later the Student Association is located at Sveavägen in the heart of Stockholm and has evolved into a vast and dynamic organization where 90% of the students are active to some extent during their time at SSE.