Hi all!

Today between 12:30-15:00 the Exchange Committee (INTU) will be doing a tour of the SASSE premises for our newly arrived exchange students!

In order to avoid a crowd with the current spread of Covid-19, please use the SSE premises for studies between these hours instead.

For further questions, please contact ec@sasse.se <3



The SASSE Board

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It is finally time for the Spring Recruitment. New Boards and new members in several projects are to be recruited! 

The application process is simple...  

If you apply for more than one committee/project, you will have to apply through each committee's/project’s separate page through the links below. If you want to read more about each committee and project then please have a look in the Recruitment Catalogue further down on the page. 

Your application should include:

1) Name of the position(s) you apply for within the committee/project

2) Some information about yourself and a motivation for why you are applying for the position(s)

3) If you do apply for several positions within the board/project, please state your prioritization or if you are indifferent. If you apply for several committee boards or projects, however, you do not need to rank them by preference – this only has to be done if you apply for several positions within one specific board or project.

4) Send in your application before the deadline of 23:59 on 19/11.

5) Every applicant will be receiving an email about the time of their interview slot.

It is okay to apply for several committees and projects, we encourage you to do so, however you will only be able to choose to engage in one in the end. It is also worth pointing out that no previous experience is needed! 

Apply here: https://www.sasse.se/recruitment 


We look forward to your application and to meeting you!

Much Love,

The SASSE Board of 22/23


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Hi all!

Hope you have enjoyed some well-deserved rest during the holidays and spent it with near and dear friends or family.

I wanted to remind you that the application for the SASSE Scholarship 22/23 closes 16:00 on the 31st of January (Monday). Information on how to apply can be found attached to this post.


In addition to the attached information, I would like to remind you to include:

  • Your phone number

  • Start and finish for all your SASSE engagements (i.e. March 2020 to February 2021)

  • Name, phone number, and email to your reference for larger SASSE projects (i.e. to your Project leader or Committee president at the time)


Furthermore, I would like to clarify that the scholarship is handed out by the Jubilee Foundation and that the evaluation and recommendation of who should receive the scholarship is made by an unbiased group - the Selection Committee - constituted by SASSE alumni. When the Selection Committee evaluates your personal letter, a large focus is put on new initiatives that you as a SASSE member planned for and executed. The SASSE Board will check the engagements to confirm that you have had the said SASSE positions, but they are not the ones deciding who receives the scholarship.


With that said, this is a great opportunity! The scholarship covers expenses up to 85 000 SEK for summer studies at Harvard or Stanford. So make sure to apply!

For further questions, please contact me at president@sasse.se 


Good luck!



SASSE President 21/22

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Congratulations Emilia Köping-Höggård for being Member of December!

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The last SASSE Rose of the year goes to SASSE Health Group (SHG) and IDU for their work towards student health improvements within the association. In December they managed to provide students with amazing events ranging from lectures of important topics, physical activities at Barrys boot camp and  “fika” sessions with Frisk & Fri and more. Thank you!

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Given today’s (Tuesday, 2021-12-21) press conference and the new restrictions starting December 23, the SASSE Board has decided to cancel tonight’s SU Christmas Party. This is due to the increased spread of Covid-19 and that many students will be traveling home to see their families during the holidays. Information about refunds will be posted.

The SASSE President will participate in a meeting with SSE’s Corona Task Force tomorrow, Wednesday. We will have more information by then.

If you have not already been vaccinated, you can do so at SSE. The next occasion for vaccination is January 24th.

Thank you for your understanding. Wish you both happy and safe holidays!

The SASSE Board

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Are you a bachelor student and want to go on an exchange semester?

It is now time to apply for SASSE Exchange Merits!

You can find all relevant information regarding the SASSE Exchange Merits in the document titled "Application Process for SASSE Exchange Merits" on sasse.se under About & Documents. Make sure to have read it before applying for your SASSE Exchange Merits through the following link: https://hhs.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_88O7GEZ2RYcA6j4

You can find ALL important information about the exchange semester, including information about the SASSE Exchange Merits, on the Portal (Support → Global Opportunities → Student Exchange), or through the following link: https://portal.hhs.se/StudentSupport/exchangeoutgoing/Pages/Exchange-BSc.aspx

THE DEADLINE FOR APPLYING FOR EXCHANGE MERITS IS 30 DECEMBER AT 23:59. There will be no exceptions made regarding late applications. 


Good luck with the rest of your exams and happy holidays!!


Yours Truly,

The SASSE Board 21/22


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This week, the SASSE Rose goes to the people behind the amazing Tech Days initiative. With inspiring lectures and a super fun banquet, you managed to illuminate the role of technology in today’s society. Thank you, the SASSE Fintech, SASSE AI, Sustainable Technology project groups and the Tech Committee board for your effort!

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Hi in the midst of the exam period!
Here comes a clarification for the upcoming Christmas parties:

We approve both national AND international covid vaccine passes. Remember that two doses are required and that vaccine pass is required for all our events with 100 or more participants. For questions, email president@sasse.se or contact the organizer.

Wish you a great weekend!

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This SASSE Rose goes to our SASSpects for helping the SASSE Board organizing the fantastic SASSE 112 Banquet and afterparty. It was inspiring to see that even in the most stressful situations you handled everything with engagement and a smile on your face. We in the SASSE Board couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you Abu Bakar, Arman, Ali, Aisling, Clara, Wilma, Yuxin, Fabian, Filip, and Jakob!

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The Student Association at the Stockholm School of Economics (SASSE) is a non-political, non-religious organization that has about 2000 members. SASSE was founded in 1909 when the Stockholm School of Economics was situated at Brunkebergstorg. Over a century later the Student Association is located at Sveavägen in the heart of Stockholm and has evolved into a vast and dynamic organization where 90% of the students are active to some extent during their time at SSE.