Students’ Nobel NightCap

SNNC, or the Students’ Nobel NightCap, is the afterparty to the Nobel Prize ceremony and
is hosted every year on December 10th by the Student Unions of the four biggest
universities in Stockholm; Karolinska Institute, Stockholm University, KTH Royal Institute
of Technology and The Stockholm School of Economics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SNNC?

    SNNC or Students’ Nobel NightCap is the afterparty of the Nobel Prize Ceremony. This
    event is organized and run only by students and hosted every year among the four major
    Stockholm universities: Karolinska Institute, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm School of Economics and Stockholm University.

  • Who is invited to the party? Can anyone attend?

    The party is known for being one most exclusive in Stockholm. Where invitations are distributed through a well tought out list. So, being part of the night as a student can be reached by joining the team!

  • Who can apply?

    All students enrolled in a Swedish university who graduate in 2023 or later are very welcome to apply. We remind you that SNNC is hosted physically in Stockholm, and entails 2 weeks of setup and set down of the event. All members of all teams are expected to be in Stockholm during said weeks and the project cannot be responsible for personal expenses. Applying for the project indicates you have agreed to being present at those times.

  • What is this year’s party theme?

    The theme is a secret that will be held until the big night on December 10th. The students
    involved in SNNC’s planning have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement and been told the
    theme in confidentiality.

  • What is the best thing about the project?

    That you get to meet people from all over Stockholm, that go to different universities and
    study different subjects. You also get a lot of other valuable experiences and memories for
    the future and last but not least you get to be part of an amazing evening.

  • How is the internal atmosphere?

    We want to achieve both formal and informal occasions to enable close friendships and
    bond with the project. We do everything from meetings to workshops and amazing parties.

  • When is the recruitment starting?

    The next recruitment will take place between the months of August and September where
    we will recruit 100 people approximately. In November we will have another recruitment where we will look for approx. 200 volunteers. You can keep an eye out at for the most updated information.

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