Welcome to Minimax!

Minimax is not just any magazine. It’s SASSE’s oldest project with our first issue being published 1969!¬†We embody two parallel objectives: creativity and inclusion. Too often are magazines biased by what the editors want to see and so creativity is restricted to answering their questions. We aim to fix this by publishing content directly targeted to what our readers want to read bypassing a creative filter and allowing every single corner of the student body at SSE to be represented in our journey to creating a Minimax for all.

Minimax publishes physically three times per year and weekly blog updates are found on the digital platform, designed to fulfill our promise of entire student representation! Read here!

We recruit our board in the spring and the project group of journalists, designers, photographers and bloggers during the fall recruitment! Make sure to apply! – No previous experience needed!ūü§ć

Edit and create the beloved school Magazine!

Minimax has been loved by students for over 55 years! The legacy is strong and the possibilities of content unlimited!

Be in charge of the content

As part of the Minimax editor team, you are the one in charge of all the articles written. Maybe you are especially interested in the SASSE board election, the Intro weeks or anything else happening in school!

Lead, or be part of a project group

No matter if you are a part of the board or project group, you will be able to develop your collaborative skills in order to organize the best magazine possible! And of course meet lots of friends along the way!

Be creative

With your hands free to make Minimax the way you invision, only your imagination is your limitation. If you are especially interstedin design or photography, you can truly ensure that the issues have a clear theme and aesthetic

Develop new skills!

No matter your previous experience, as long as you have an interest and is willing to learn you’ve got what it takes! Here you are able to learn journalism, photography and design. Mostly, you will gain great experience for your future!

Become a Meduit!

As a part of a Media Committee project you become a Meduit! As an active member of the most family like committee in all of SASSE, you will be able to join internal hangouts with lots of beerpong!

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