M2 – Media & Marketing Fair

Welcome to M2 – Media & Marketing Fair

Are you interested in creative businesses and want to experience the exciting world of the marketing & strategic communication sector? Then M2 is the project for you!

The project is all about creativity and business combined. But M2 is just as much about fun as business, the week always ends with a banquet after the fair day. So if you are all for glamour and fun, make sure to join us!

You are able to join the project as a project leader in the spring or as part of the project group during the fall recruitment! Positions offered within the project group include marketing, event, company relations & sponsorship. Make sure to be on the lookout for new positions!đź’›

Plan and execute the Career Fair!

Depending on your role, you are responsible for everything from company relations, to marketing, ensuring sponsorships and arranging the decor during the fair!

Lead, or be part of a Project Group

No matter if you are a project leader or part of the project group, you will be able to develop your collaborative skills in order to organize the best event possible! And of course meet lots of friends along the way!

Host the Banquet & After party!

M2 is known for its lavish banquets. They are often on external locations which allows for creativity and innovative ideas! You will make sure to end the day with a bang

Become a Meduit!

As a part of a Media Committee project you become a Meduit! As an active member of the most family like committee in all of SASSE, you will be able to join internal hangouts with lots of beerpong!

Arrange Lunch Lectures

During the week we invite companies to host lectures where they can talk about their company! You can also arrange inspirational lectures capturing the creativity of M2 with interesting speakers!

Make it your own!

In true MedU spirit M2 is all about innovation and new ideas. If you have an exciting idea on how to execute the fair or have another exciting event in mind, don’t hesitate to go outside the box!

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