Founded in 1959, Handelsspexet is SASSE’s project aimed at those with a passion for dramatics and storytelling. Each year, the project starts by writing a complete comedical script based on real historical events, modified to fit with SSE humour, culture and current events. Once finished, the project continues its creative journey by designing and making scenography and props, along with costumes for all characters. The on-stage group is recruited, with actors to play out the characters, dancers to perform stunning acrobatics & choreography, the choir to perform back-up and polyphonic singing and of course the band to play live for all the musical performances. Alongside these, off-stage tasks like the party, sales, sponsorship and film groups work tirelessly to give the project thrilling internal activities, financial stability and the chance for the year’s efforts to be preserved for the future. All this culminates in a spectacular performance in mid-to-late spring, where external and internal viewers alike are invited to come and see the play for themselves, while also being sure to add their own touch to it by shouting clever “omstarts”. 🙂 The night is thereafter finished off with an unforgettable nightclub party for both project-members and viewers.

Handelsspexet is SASSE’s biggest creative project, averaging around 50-60 participants working on all sorts of different aspects of the show. This, of course, means that it really is a project for anyone. Regardless of interests and experiences, desire for on-stage or off-stage contribution, anyone can find a role that suits them in Spexet.

– Spex Generals 23/24: David Cronsioe & Paula Hopkins

Our projects

The internal projects are several and interlinked. More broadly, they’re split into on-stage and off-stage activities:

On-stage projects 

These include all groups that are visible in the scenes. Actors play the characters along with singing and dancing in the musical performances. Dancers join the musical performances for a more professional choreographical touch, while creating and teaching dances to actors. Choir take responsibility for rewriting lyrics, teaching songs and also singing themselves. The band are responsible for deciding on the music, and later playing it during the performance.

Off-stage projects

All groups working behind the scenes to ensure the big night goes off without a hitch. The scenography and costumes groups work in planning, designing and creating props, accessories, furnishing and costumes for all scenes and characters.

Sales and marketing and sponsorship handle social media, advertising and patronage to boost the hype for the act. The party group handle both the traditional and more spontaneous internal events in the project, including kick-offs, kick-outs, the Spex-Weekend and the final nightclub-party. Finally, the film group not only write and record the vidoes shown during the spex, but also film the entire show so it can be viewed by all future students to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need previous experience?

    While experience may be a merit when applying, there is no real requirement for you to have performed any of the activities within the Spex prior to your participation. Whether it be acting, costume-design, choir-singing or sponsorship, anything can be learnt and done during the project. In fact, many of those who have taken on roles like committee-leader or Spexgeneral joined the Spex with absolutely no prior experience in the theatrical world.

  • When can I apply to Spexet?

    Applications for our committee will open in September. Later on in November-December, the project groups, actors and band-members are recruited. Stay tuned, we look forward to meeting you!

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