Friedmans Apostlar

Friedmans Apostlar is the student choir at the Stockholm School of Economics. Since 1989 the choir has been spreading the joy of music on countless occasions. The choir performs at all types of events such as SASSE’s own festivities, at the diploma ceremonies in the Stockholm City Hall, for the Nobel laureates in economics during the visit at SSE, and of course at lots of organizations such as Spotify, Google or government departments.

Over the years the choir has also collaporated with many others. Among many we can name our latests collaboration with the choir The Whiffenpoofs from Yale University, USA and Mauri know for his YouTube channel Uppdrag Mat.

Of course Friedmans Apostlar is not only about creating music but very much about the social part. We travel together, have lots of parties, and over all have lots of fun whiles we are not rehearsing and performing. One unique perk of becoming a member of Friedmans Apostlar is that you get to be part of the group for many years. The average time in the choir is often times a least 3-5 years. Many members of Friedmans Apostlar, after they finish their studies at SSE, have a majority of their best memories from their time within Friedmans.

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William Rune

Vice President

Katarina Li Qiu

Head of marketing

Evelina Stenseth

Head of marketing

Benjamin Bouveng

Head of music

Lycke Einberg Eriksson

Head of Festivities

Jakob Rommel


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you need previous choir experience?

    No!!! There is no requirement of previous choir experience. The members of Friedmans have a big variety of backgrounds. Some just love music and singing, hence they applied to Friedmans. Others do have musical experience from playing instruments or having attend choir education before. The most important is that you enjoy singing and love to have fun as part of an amazing group of people!

  • How do I apply?

    During the first two weeks in september, just after the two introduction weeks, we will have two open rehearsals in the Rotunda. After the rehearsals you get the chance to do a quick little audition. Nothing scary! We just want to meet you in person and figure out what section of the choir would be the best for you. Reach out to us if you have any questions!

  • How time consuming is Friedmans Apostlar?

    We always have our rehearsals on Tuesdays in the Rotunda between 17:15 and 19:30 with a short fika break in the middle. Performances are usually during weekends or evening time. In other words a great project to be part of that doesn’t interfere with your studies at SSE.

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