Winners SESUS Award

Together with SESUS, the SASSE Board decided to hand out 5000 SEK to two individuals – one who has started initiatives and one who has contributed to inclusivity within SASSE. We can now present the two winners:

Initiative Award – Flo Leyhausen

Flo has served as Equality Rep since he started at SSE last year, and has not only organized so many events but also lives and breathes the spirit of what DEI really means. Together with the equality group, he introduced and executed a new theme week, “Equality Week“ with strong corporate partners, and a variety of important and creative events giving the opportunity for everybody to learn about privilege and be more inclusive. Flo, therefore, receives the initiative award.


Inclusivity Award – Kevin Petterson

Kevin has started the new initiative Brazilian Society in IntU this year. It has helped to bring cultures from different parts of the world to SASSE members through language cafes/ fikas which has been a great experience to integrate and meet with new people. He has tried to actively bring into SASSE an inclusive and diverse culture, and is always welcoming everyone with a smile. Kevin, therefore, receives the inclusivity award.


Thank you to both for your contribution to SASSE!

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