Update on study places





Second round for new study spaces


In the second half of February, a next series of improvements on SSE study spaces will be carried out. This is part of the ongoing project that aims to make the environment at the school more study-friendly.


Bonnierrum – new study room for quiet studies

Starting spring term 2018, Bonnierrum is turned into a study room with approximately 28 individual study spaces for quiet studies. Plants and sound absorbent panels will create a more pleasant and focused atmosphere.


The library´s opening hours apply. Except from the library´s occasional introduction courses, the room will no longer be used as lecture hall.


Holländargatan: Prinsens galleri & outside Stora salen

The study environment at Prinsens galleri and outside Stora salen will be improved by sound absorbent panels and walls, plants, lighting as well as additional furniture.


Saltmätargatan: “mellanplan” a.k.a ”Middle-level”

The study areas on “mellanplan” will be boosted by nice photo-wallpaper and whiteboards for brainstorming.





Starting February 2018, Hilma Haddad acts as new student representative for questions concerning Campus development and study environment at SSE.

In this role, Hilma accompanies the ongoing project for improved study spaces at SSE, representing the student´s interests and perspectives. Hilma is a 2nd year student of Retail Management. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions, ideas or feedback concerning the situation of study spaces or related issues at SSE: 50498@student.hhs.se





If you have any questions please contact Céline Steiner, project manager and assistant at the President´s Office: celine.steiner@hhs.se or Hilma Haddad, student representative: 50498@student.hhs.se


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