The Year Book is finally here!

Make sure you order your copy now!


You will receive no later than the 1st of June and will be picked up in the KårExp.





What does the Year Book include? 


– Pictures from the big events during this year – parties, trips, committees, fairs, and more. There are even Year Book exclusive photos from The Anniversary Feast, among other things.


– Funny quotes and gossip from different people within SASSE about the parties, intros, and other happenings.


– Quiz: What Handels stereotype are you based on your study preferences?


– The Handels Experience: How many things on our list have you done?


– “My Friends” pages for your besties or enemies till fill out.


– And more!




There are two price alternatives – either pay now or pay when you pick up the book.

However, the second alternative, to pay later, is binding. 


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