Student’s Nobel NightCap

Student’s Nobel NightCap returns to the Student Association at the Stockholm School of Economics for its 40th year anniversary!


SNNC was founded by a student at SSE in 1978, and is the unofficial after-party to the Nobel Banquette in the City Hall and the final festivity of the Nobel Week. It is the largest project SASSE organises, and is hosted quadrennially by the student associations at the Stockholm School of Economics, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and Karolinska Institute.


The project leaders are Mats Wallén and Johanna Lim Falk, and they both are greatly looking forward to this jubilee year! The festivity will take place on the 10th of December and it will be an amazing opportunity for SASSE Members and other students to get involved in a spectacular project. In total, more than 300 students will be able to apply and be part of this once in a lifetime experience. Very soon, the application for the board will be released. Keep your eyes open this, and for the many recruitment opportunities to come!


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