It is finally time for the Spring Recruitment. New Boards and new members in several projects are to be recruited! 

The application process is simple…  

If you apply for more than one committee/project, you will have to apply through each committee’s/project’s separate page through the links below. If you want to read more about each committee and project then please have a look in the Recruitment Catalogue further down on the page. 


Your application should include:

1) Name of the position(s) you apply for within the committee/project

2) Some information about yourself and a motivation for why you are applying for the position(s)

3) If you do apply for several positions within the board/project, please state your prioritization or if you are indifferent. If you apply for several committee boards or projects, however, you do not need to rank them by preference – this only has to be done if you apply for several positions within one specific board or project.

4) Send in your application before the deadline of 23:59 on 19/11.

5) Every applicant will be receiving an email about the time of their interview slot.

It is okay to apply for several committees and projects, we encourage you to do so, however you will only be able to choose to engage in one in the end. It is also worth pointing out that no previous experience is needed! 

Apply here: 


We look forward to your application and to meeting you!

Much Love,

The SASSE Board of 22/23


Legal Advisor

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