SASSE scholarship 2022

This year’s recipient of the SASSE Scholarship is a fantastic example of a member who with a high level of determination and innovation can accomplish long lasting change. During these extraordinary years when the digital presence became as important as it had never been before, he joined the Board of the Tech Committee and used his past experience and expertise to ensuring smooth operations of our digital infrastructure despite its previous flaws. Not only to mention the expansion of the SASSE Sustainability Group and initiating the process of establishing a Sustainability Committee to guarantee that our association’s sustainability vision and goals become a strategic and operational priority. The winner has created frictions, which to some extent normally follows with changes. The frictions have been a bit above what is ideal, however SASSE is a Studentunion for the students, for development and for long lasting friendships. With this in mind we put frictions behind and acknowledge hard work and achievements.

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that the SASSE Scholarship 2022 is awarded Kiryl Shantyka, for being a vital part in a large shift towards a more digital and sustainable student association!

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