SASSE exchange merits




Are you a bachelor student and want to go on an exchange semester?


It is now time to apply for SASSE Exchange Merits!


You can find all relevant information regarding the SASSE Exchange Merits in the document titled “Application Process for SASSE Exchange Merits” on under About & Documents. Make sure to have read it before applying for your SASSE Exchange Merits through the following link:


You can find ALL important information about the exchange semester, including information about the SASSE Exchange Merits, on the Portal (Support → Global Opportunities → Student Exchange), or through the following link:


THE DEADLINE FOR APPLYING FOR EXCHANGE MERITS IS 30 DECEMBER AT 23:59. There will be no exceptions made regarding late applications.




Good luck with the rest of your exams and happy holidays!!




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The SASSE Board 22/23




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