Pay your membership fee!

Around 17.00 tomorrow (Friday 21/8), all current SASSE members will need to pay their membership fee to renew their membership for the year 20/21. The Sports fee will also have to be renewed. Pay your fee to be able to attend our events and get involved within the organization. You will find more information about the payment at the payment page.

Existing students (BSc 2, BSc 3, MSc 2, old PhD) can just log in as before and pay their fee. You will be directed to the membership payment section immediately upon login. If you don’t see the payment page immediately upon login, just click on “Events” and it should appear. You also need to update all your information such as personal number, adress, zip code and program details. It is very important that you fill in the correct information to be able to get your Mecenat card (student ID card). 

If you have already paid your membership before Friday 17.00, please send an email to and let us know. Your account will still be reset at 17.00 on Friday so that it says that you have to pay your membership again. However, we will make sure to update your profile settings from “Not paid membership” to “Paid membership” in our database so that you won’t have to repay your memberhsip fee. 

If you have any questions regarding the payment or the membership in general, please send an email to the SASSE Reception ( 

Hope your excited for an awesome year with lots of SASSE-packed action!

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