Nominations open tomorrow – how do nominations work?

1 day left until nominations OPEN!




The Fall Election is just around the corner, and it is soon time to nominate candidates. Every SASSE member will receive an email with a link to nominations today at 23:59.


We in the election committee are sure there are questions regarding what being nominated actually means, certainly for those who will see their first SASSE Election. Therefore, here we have compiled some useful information below:




What is a nomination?


    • it is a registration that needs to be done to become a candidate for a position, and it is very easy – just follow the link you recieve tonight and fill out the necessary information



Who can be nominated for what positions?


    • any student who has payed their SASSE membership and is currently enrolled is eligible to be nominated for any position. So do not be afraid first-years, you can run for any position you would like!



Can you nominate yourself?


    • Yes! And you can nominate as many people as you want to, including yourself, for any number of positions you wish.



Are nominations binding (i.e. you have to commit to campaigning once nominated)?


    • No, they are not. After nomination period is done, the next step would be to accept your nomination – which you have complete freedom to do or not. More information about this to come.



Are nominations anonymous?


    • Yes. Do not hesitate to nominate someone else you think would fit for a certain position, or yourself for that matter.





If you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us on our facebook page ‘SASSE Election Committee 17/18’, or email


Let’s go democrazy!




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