Nomination is Open!

Dear Members,


The time has come to nominate your friends, frenemies or even yourself for the electable Positions in this year’s Election! Deadline for nominations is Friday the 3rd of May 23:59!


Please follow the link and you will be redirected to the Nomination site:


Enrollment Numbers of Students are to be found on the SSE Student Portal.


How do I nominate a Student?


  1. Follow the above link.
  2. Type the Enrollment Number of the Student you would like to nominate.
  3. Select the Positions you find the Nominee most suitable for.
  4. Press “Submit”!


How do I find a Student’s Enrollment Number?


  1. Make sure that you are logged onto the SSE Student Portal.
  2. Press the following link:
  3. Type the Name and Surname of the Student whose Enrollment Number you are trying to find and choose “-All programs-“.
  4. The Enrollment Number will be shown in the beginning of the Email Address of the Student.



E.g. If the Student Email Address is, the Enrollment Number is 12345.


Note: You may only enter the Enrollment Number of the Student and not the Student Email Address when nominating a person.


5. Nominate the Student!


What will happen after I have nominated a Student?


The nominated Student will receive an email from SASSE stating the Positions which the Student has been nominated for. The email will also contain last year’s Election Promises, an Election Promises Template, Election Regulations, proposed Post Descriptions, further information regarding the Election and Deadline to send in the Election Promises. Emails will be pushed on Saturday the 4th of May.


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