Mindful Mondays presents: Four Scholarships for Certified Mindfulness Instructor Education

Would you like to become a certified mindfulness instructor and join the Mindful Mondays team at SSE? In collaboration with Mindfulnesscenter, we offer four scholarships for students, faculty, and administrative staff who want to make SSE a more mindful place.


Mindfulness meditation is constantly increasing in popularity. Mindfulness is an attitude that develops attention, awareness and compassion towards one’s self and others and it is possible to develop through simple meditation exercises. Extensive, multidisciplinary research shows that these exercises contribute to improved attention, cognitive flexibility, emotional regulation, reduced automaticity as well as reduced stress and increased well-being.


In October 2017, the mindfulness series “Mindful Mondays” started as a collaborative initiative between students and faculty at the Stockholm School of Economics. Mindful Mondays strives to make SSE more mindful by providing 20 minutes of guided meditation sessions every Monday during lunch at SSE.


To spread the knowledge and mindful attitudes further, Mindful Mondays now presents four scholarships that cover the fee for joining a certified mindfulness instructor education. The scholarships and instructor education are sponsored by one of Sweden’s leading mindfulness instructor facilitators, Mindfulnesscenter, and the Scholarships are worth 20,000 SEK each.


The purpose of the instructor education is to give the participants the knowledge and skills to lead individuals and groups in mindfulness training. The education is based on MindfulnessBased Stress Reduction (MBSR), which is a concept developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and thoroughly researched over thirty years. Responsible teacher for the instructor training is Dr Ola Schenström. The knowledge from the education can be used regardless of industry. However, Mindful Mondays encourages the participants to contribute in spreading mindfulness at SSE.


The timeframe for the education is in total 6 months. During this time, the participants will join shorter mindfulness sessions individually with guidance from an app for 8 weeks. Consequently, a central part of the education is the participant’s own mindfulness training. Through daily exercise, the participant will explore his/her own awareness, which is the starting point for guiding meditation with prospective clients. In addition, 5-7 theoretical course days are included in the education and there are several starting dates to choose between. The education is held in Swedish. Hence, an understanding for the Swedish language is required. Participants usually join the instructor education in parallel with other full-time engagements. No previous meditation experience is required.



Apply to one scholarship by writing a motivation letter of 300-500 words.


Please send the motivation letter to Elin Wiklander at 23046@student.hhs.se latest 23.59 December 3, 2018. SSE students/faculty/staff are welcome to apply. Please contact Elin Wiklander for questions. For more information about Mindful Mondays, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/344686229383592/ For more information about Mindfulnesscenter, please visit: https://www.mindfulnesscenter.se/


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