M2 Events

**If you have signed up for the lectures that will be held during Handelsdagarna make sure to be there 10 minutes before the lecture starts! If not you may risk loosing your spot. 


For those who have not signed up but wish to attend – be there 10 minutes before and you may be able to fill a spot of somebody who will not be able to attend.**


  • Narva lecture: https://www.sasse.se/using-digital-communication-tools-effectively-lecture-narva
  • Seventy Agency lecture: https://www.sasse.se/how-successfully-design-business-lecture-seventy-agency
  • Businesspodden – Idea pitch: https://www.sasse.se/pitch-businesspodden
  • Paues Åberg Communications lecture – https://www.sasse.se/how-communicate-efficiently-lecture-paues-aberg-communications
  • Pingis Hadenius lecture: https://www.sasse.se/building-social-media-business-lecture-vid-pingis-hadenius
  • House of Radon lecture: https://www.sasse.se/5-ways-fck-idea-lecture-house-radon





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