Dear students at Handels,


It is with greatest pleasure and honour we announce that we have successfully infiltraded your website. However, there are still a lot of work left to do, and we feel like you are still missing a lot of blue….


Over the years we have observed your regretful neglect of the website and it is evident that one can not simply trust economic students to handle even the most basic website. The CSS is awful, HTML tags are missing and do not even mention the JAVASCRIPT interactivity. You should religiously change to the superior REACT instead and let us experts handle it. Truly, with greatest passion we will now be in charge of SASSE.se.


Yours sincerely,








The SASSE website has not been hacked by KTH, it was our own IT Committee Board 19/20 who was behind it all.




We’re now hosting a competition — We have made 10 changes in total to the website, find as many as you can and send them to itpres@sasse.se to win a nice prize. Do this before 00.00. All changes will be reversed before tomorrow morning where we also will reveal the winner.




We have more surprises coming up, stay tuned!




Hugs and kisses,






Legal Advisor

CRM Partners